• S3 E23: Super Bowl Recap & Big Changes

    Join us this week as go back to where the show first started and discuss the Super Bowl. We’ll then spend some time looking back on the past 3 years of the show and discuss what’s next for the STG and its crew.

  • S3 E22: MLB & NFL Chat

    Join us we talk about Atlanta’s petition for a name change, Yankees/Red Sox trade, KC Chief’s weak spots, John Madden talking about the Madden franchise, and the NFL QB carousel.

  • S3 E21: Trades & Matchups

    Join us this week as we break down the James Harden trade madness, talk about the March Madness big dance, and finally wrap up with some NFL trade drama and playoff chatter.

  • S3 E20: Champions, Contracts, & New Beginnings

    Join us this week as we recap the CFB National Championship game between Alabama and Ohio State, the merits of Jim Harbaugh’s new contract, and the future of sports content consumption. First, we review the Alabama/Ohio St. game, big names who made big plays, what Nick Saban has left to prove, and what’s next for each squad in 2021. Next, we talk about Jim Harbaugh’s new contract to stay with Michigan for five more years and half price and who got the better end of the deal. Lastly, we give our thoughts on Dan Le Betard and Jim Skipper forming a new sports media company, others who have blazed this path previously, and what the future of sports content consumption may look like.

  • S3 E19: Playoff Football

    Join us this week as we recap the Rose and Sugar Bowl and give our predictions on the CFB championship game. Then we cover the NFL playoff Wild Card round, who will advance, and who’ll will make the SuperBowl. First, we review the two bowl games, how the committee screwed up, follow the money, and offer and alternative of what we’d hope to see before offering our thoughts on the championship game. Next, we talk about the NFL Playoffs broken down, game-by-game, in the AFC and NFC. Then we review the divisional and conference rounds with what’s most likely to happen. Lastly, we give our thoughts on the Super Bowl, a food that must be consumed that day, and who will reign supreme.

  • S3 E18: Sports Toughest Questions

    Join us this week as we look at sports toughest questions...with a twist. First, we each give our favorite sports moment of 2020. Next, talk about one rule in sports we each wish could change. Then we review a bucket list item of one arena/stadium we most want to visit. Lastly, we give our thoughts on “would you rather: sports edition” as we are forced to pick side for 10 of sports most interesting questions.

  • S3 E17: Stupidity & Finances

    Join us this week as we look at a costly play by the Florida Gators, debate the merits of purposeful tanking, dissect the SEC’s new deal with ESPN, and give our thoughts on the college football postseason bowl games. First, we award the Boneheaded Play of the Year Award for a season altering penalty. Next we dive into the the merits of purposeful tanking and if it is right or wrong. Then we review the SEC’s new monster deal with ESPN worth over $3Billion and how fans will feel. Lastly, we give our thoughts on the college football postseason, if the Top 10 is deserving of their spot, and who should be in the CFP top 4.

  • S3 E16: Blunders & Control Measures

    Join us this week as we look at a new football league, an NFL end-of-game mishap, NBA player and staff health protocols, and a surprising boxing match. First, we check in on the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL), discuss what it is, the merits of letting fans make all decisions, and if this is Madden on steroids. Next we dive into the the NY Jets odd play calling (that has never happened before) to lose a game on the “Tank for Trevor” conquest that cost DC Gregg Williams his job. Then we review new health protocols and regulations for NBA players and staff and debate if this is a realistic expectation or hopeful wishing. Lastly, we give our thoughts on the now un-retired Floyd Mayweather / Logan Paul boxing exhibition this coming February, how this fight came to be, if it’s worth the PPV dollar, and why Mayweather agreed to it.

  • S3 E15: Fights & Football Flexibility

    Join us this week as we discuss Nate Robinson’s “boxing” match, the return of Iron Mike Tyson, Sarah Fuller kicking her way to history, and covid’s continuous impact on the NFL.

  • S3 E14: Beginnings, Ending & Changes

    Join us this week as we look at the the crazy NBA week with that draft and free agency lumped together, preview the college basketball season about to tip off and teams to watch for, see what’s happening in the MLS playoffs and who could go all the way, and review changes to the upcoming NFL ProBowl. First, we check in on the historic week in the NBA with the draft and free agency all within one week, see what rosters are drastically different, and who overspent on a player. Next we dive into the world of men’s college basketball, who we think will make some noise, and some bracketology. Then we review the MLS playoffs, who has advanced, and the wild first round. Lastly, we give our thoughts on that new format for the NFL ProBrowl going virtual and if it will be a success.

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