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  • S3 E13: Sports Decisions & Transactions

    Join us this week as we look at the Miami Marlins making history hiring the first female GM, Louisville Cardinals RB Javian Hawkins decision to leave the season, three big NBA trades hours before the draft, and March Madness going bubble-style. First, we check in on the historic (and overdue) move of the Miami Marlins hiring Kim Ng and what impact this will have for women in the sports industry. Next we dive into the Javian Hawkins’ decision to opt out of the remainder of the CFB season to prepare for the draft and if he made the correct decision or not. Then we review three big NBA trades that are shaking up rosters in both conferences and what teams will choose to do moving forward. Lastly, we give our thoughts on the NCAA implementing a bubble for March Madness and what it will look like.

  • S3 E12: MLB Changes & NBA Dates

    Join us this week as we look at two former MLB managers who were quickly rehired after the sign-stealing debacle in Houston, talk about the merits of implementing a permanent DH in baseball, and review the proposed NBA timeline compared to a normal season. First, we check in on the Detroit Tigers who hired AJ Hinch and the Boston RedSox who brought back Alex Cora to manage. Both were suspended and are now back to work and we debate the merits of the hires. Next we dive into the controversial designated hitter role in baseball, if the national league will adopt this and its impact, and the proposal of having a permanent DH in exchange for an expanded postseason. Then we compare the NBA’s condensed timeline this off-season with a normal off-season and look at the winners and losers. Lastly, Matt goes back into a the college football world as we review a couple key points from this last weekend.

  • S3 E11: Double Takes & Football Fights

    Join us this week as we look at the White Sox brining back Tony La Russa, Trevor Lawrence possibly returning to Clemson next season, and some big football fights at both the college and pro levels. First, Matt goes off script and jumps in to the world of CFB and rankings. Next we dive into why the Chicago White Sox brought back 76-year old Hall of Famer Tony La Russa. Then we debate if Trevor Lawrence should go pro or not and if he will go pro or stay at Clemson. Lastly, we laugh at the number of fights on the gridiron this past weekend and try to figure out what happened.

  • S3 E10: Best of Season 2- Phil Keoghan

    Join us this week as we take a look back at one of our favorite interviews from Season 2- Phil Keoghan from The Amazing Race and Tough as Nails.

  • S3 E9: Crazy Contracts & Championships

    Join us this week as we look at NHL broadcaster Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick’s retirement, World Series predictions, Deion Sanders future at Jackson State, and if anyone can dethrone Alabama or Clemson for the CFB National Championship. First, we chat about the tremendous career of Doc Emrick and his many contributions to the hockey world. Next we dive into a the 2020 World Series, break down the Dodgers and Rays, and offer our thoughts on who will reign victorious. Then we debate about Deion Sanders’ move to Jackson State as the head coach and expectations for the program. Lastly, we ponder about the likelihood of any CFB team dethroning Alabama or Clemson for a national title run.

  • S3 E8: Contracts, Heisman Favorites, & Repeats

    Join us this week as we look at Dak Prescott’s injury, early Heisman favorites, Anthony Davis and the Lakers’ future, and how athlete endorsement deals are changing. First, we chat about Dak’s injury, his contract debacle, and what happens moving forward. Next we dive into a way-to-early glance at Heisman hopefuls and who could take home the hardware this season. Then we debate where Anthony Davis plays next season and how much the Lakers will depend on him for a repeat. Lastly, we take a deep dive into the changing landscape of athlete endorsements.

  • S3 E7: Surprises, Legacies, & Expectations

    Join us this week as we look at the XFL’s return, NFL surprises, the legacy of a superstar, and a pros and cons of a racing schedule. First, we chat about the return of the XFL and our expectations of the league in its third attempt. Next we dive into what has surprised us a quarter way into the NFL season. Then we debate on LeBron James’ legacy and all-time rank among the basketball greats. Lastly, we take a spin around the NASCAR circuit looking at the new schedule for 2021 and changes to locations and types of races.

  • S3 E6: Playoffs, Partnerships, Awards, & Olympics

    Join us this week as we look at the NBA Finals, Air Jordan’s foray into NASCAR, our NFL way-to-early awards, and 2021 Tokyo Olympics. First, we chat about the NBA Finals, look at key matchups and stats, and give championship predictions. Next we dive into Michael Jordan’s surprising entrance into NASCAR, what to expect of his team, and how this could positively impact the sport. Then we debate on our NFL way-to-early awards and who is most deserving. Lastly, we investigate the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Will they happen and why?

  • S3 E5: Rankings & Injuries

    Join us this week as we discuss PGA’s Macho Man Bryson DeChambeau and preview the updated NBA tables. Then after the break we’ll discuss CFB highlight player of the week, Malik Willis from Liberty University, and recap the flood of NFL injuries from week 1 and 2.

  • S3 E4: Champions, Odd Decisions, & Investing

    Join us this week as we look at future champions, crazy decisions, and a new way to invest in sports. First, we chat about the NHL Playoffs and predict a champion. Next we dive into the back and forth of the Big Ten and if we may end up having a CFB season after all. Then we debate the future path of the Houston Rockets without Mike D’Antoni at the helm. Lastly, we investigate Collectable- a sports investment vehicle that allows you to own priceless sport artifacts.

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