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  • S3 E8: Contracts, Heisman Favorites, & Repeats

    Join us this week as we look at Dak Prescott’s injury, early Heisman favorites, Anthony Davis and the Lakers’ future, and how athlete endorsement deals are changing. First, we chat about Dak’s injury, his contract debacle, and what happens moving forward. Next we dive into a way-to-early glance at Heisman hopefuls and who could take home the hardware this season. Then we debate where Anthony Davis plays next season and how much the Lakers will depend on him for a repeat. Lastly, we take a deep dive into the changing landscape of athlete endorsements.

  • S3 E7: Surprises, Legacies, & Expectations

    Join us this week as we look at the XFL’s return, NFL surprises, the legacy of a superstar, and a pros and cons of a racing schedule. First, we chat about the return of the XFL and our expectations of the league in its third attempt. Next we dive into what has surprised us a quarter way into the NFL season. Then we debate on LeBron James’ legacy and all-time rank among the basketball greats. Lastly, we take a spin around the NASCAR circuit looking at the new schedule for 2021 and changes to locations and types of races.

  • S3 E6: Playoffs, Partnerships, Awards, & Olympics

    Join us this week as we look at the NBA Finals, Air Jordan’s foray into NASCAR, our NFL way-to-early awards, and 2021 Tokyo Olympics. First, we chat about the NBA Finals, look at key matchups and stats, and give championship predictions. Next we dive into Michael Jordan’s surprising entrance into NASCAR, what to expect of his team, and how this could positively impact the sport. Then we debate on our NFL way-to-early awards and who is most deserving. Lastly, we investigate the 2021 Tokyo Olympics. Will they happen and why?

  • S3 E5: Rankings & Injuries

    Join us this week as we discuss PGA’s Macho Man Bryson DeChambeau and preview the updated NBA tables. Then after the break we’ll discuss CFB highlight player of the week, Malik Willis from Liberty University, and recap the flood of NFL injuries from week 1 and 2.

  • S3 E4: Champions, Odd Decisions, & Investing

    Join us this week as we look at future champions, crazy decisions, and a new way to invest in sports. First, we chat about the NHL Playoffs and predict a champion. Next we dive into the back and forth of the Big Ten and if we may end up having a CFB season after all. Then we debate the future path of the Houston Rockets without Mike D’Antoni at the helm. Lastly, we investigate Collectable- a sports investment vehicle that allows you to own priceless sport artifacts.

  • S3 E3: 2020 NFL Predictions with Meow Mix Panthers Podcast

    Join us this week as we team up with Stephen and Jerry from the Meow Mix Panthers Podcast (@MeowMixPodcast). Together we’ll be giving our predictions for the 2020 NFL season. We’ll break down each division and give you our thoughts on whose going to the big show!

  • S3 E2: Sports Stoppage, Laws & Lawsuits

    Join us this week as talk about the NBA boycott that stopped sports, interesting new high school football rules, what the heck is going on with the Big Ten, and finally debate the debacle of UCLA & Under Armour.

  • S3 E1: Big Money Memorabilia, Expansions, and More

    Join us this week as talk about huge sports memorabilia sells, an agent getting himself in hot water, the NFL’s new waterpark, and the NBA playoffs.

  • S2 E48: Football Decisions and Basketball Playoffs

    Join us this week as talk about the possible collapse of college football and the fight against the NCAA, huge Tight End payouts, and lastly the NBA playoffs.

  • S2 E47: Branding, Opt-Outs, & Comebacks

    Join us this week as discuss the newest pro sports “brands” from the NFL, MLS, and NHL, along with the most hilarious sports teams on the market. Lastly, we’ll discuss the covid impact to NFL and MLB rosters and the resurgence of the XFL.

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