Miner Obsession

MINER OBSESSION: The Niner Nation’s #1 Sports Podcast.

Our objective in starting Miner Obsession is to be Niner Nation’s #1 podcast to visit for coverage of the Charlotte 49ers and to give fans deeper insight into the individuals involved with the teams they love, providing information not traditionally covered through standard media outlets. We want to help Niner Nation develop a deeper relationship with our coaches, administrators, athletes (past and present), and super fans. WE ARE NOT setting out on this journey to become hard hitting journalists out to get the scoop; WE ARE two fans interested in telling the story of the team we love.

Scott and Sean have been friends for 15 years dating back to late high school. As residents of Mooresville, they were very excited to find out that the best university in the world was right in their backyard and both decided to go to Charlotte. The pair quickly fell in love with the 49ers and enjoyed finally sharing a team since Scott roots for New York professional teams and Sean roots for Charlotte based professional teams (and the Braves). They can often be found arguing over who is the bigger Niners fan.

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