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  • S3 E3: 2020 NFL Predictions with Meow Mix Panthers Podcast

    Join us this week as we team up with Stephen and Jerry from the Meow Mix Panthers Podcast (@MeowMixPodcast). Together we’ll be giving our predictions for the 2020 NFL season. We’ll break down each division and give you our thoughts on whose going to the big show!

  • S3 E2: Sports Stoppage, Laws & Lawsuits

    Join us this week as talk about the NBA boycott that stopped sports, interesting new high school football rules, what the heck is going on with the Big Ten, and finally debate the debacle of UCLA & Under Armour.

  • S3 E1: Big Money Memorabilia, Expansions, and More

    Join us this week as talk about huge sports memorabilia sells, an agent getting himself in hot water, the NFL’s new waterpark, and the NBA playoffs.

  • S2 E48: Football Decisions and Basketball Playoffs

    Join us this week as talk about the possible collapse of college football and the fight against the NCAA, huge Tight End payouts, and lastly the NBA playoffs.

  • S2 E47: Branding, Opt-Outs, & Comebacks

    Join us this week as discuss the newest pro sports “brands” from the NFL, MLS, and NHL, along with the most hilarious sports teams on the market. Lastly, we’ll discuss the covid impact to NFL and MLB rosters and the resurgence of the XFL.

  • S2 E46: Phil Keoghan Interview

    Join us this week as we are joined by International Sports Hall of Fame Inductee and Emmy award winner Phil Keoghan of CBS’ The Amazing Race and Tough As Nails. We’ll talk about Phil’s upbringing, the incredible feats from his “BUCKiT” list, his incredible cycling accomplishments, and some behind the scene insights from his current television projects.

  • S2 E45: Big Money & Irony

    Join us this week as we look at Big Money Decisions & Irony in Sports. First, we look Zion Williamson’s stepfather allegedly accepting $400k prior to Zion’s time at Duke and potential repercussions for Duke if found true. Next is the discussion of volatility of college fall sports and current cancellations and schedule changes. Then we debate the merits of the NFL’s ban of jersey swaps post-game. Lastly, we review changes ESPN made to their daily radio lineup and discuss radio vs podcast and how TV’a history plays a role.

  • S2 E44: Sport’s Recent Big Moments

    Join us this week as we chat about recent big moments in the world of sports. First, we look at Patrick Mahomes monster, record setting contract with the Kansas City Chiefs through 2031 for over $500MIL and discuss how QB Caleb Williams’ commitment to the Oklahoma Sooners matters in the CFB world. Then we debate the potential name change of the Washington Redskins and other teams with similar monikers. Lastly, we congratulate Joey Chestnut on his record setting hot dog eating performance and rank him among all time record holders in sports.

  • S2 E43: The Comeback

    Join us this week as we chat about the return of sports, it’s implications and new look, and the contract situation of two NFL stars. First we discuss college athletes’ return to campus and how the coronavirus will impact the feasibility of fall sports. Then we look at Dak Prescott’s franchise tender with the Cowboys (smart or not) and Cam Newton signing with the Patriots (best contract for ROI in the NFL). Lastly, we discuss the return of MLB and what the season will hold.

  • S2 E42: Interview- ESPN’s Nabil Karim

    Join us this week as we chat with Nabil Karim of ESPN. We learn about his past with @TSN_Sports in Canada and the transition to @espn. Nabil then talks about the importance of goal setting and reveals and anchor/analyst he looks up to. We hear about his experience with the Olympics and World Cup coverage and discuss Michael Jordan and The Last Dance. Then we debate the best Jordan shoes, and what SportsCenter/Quibi prep looks like without live sports. Next, we get his burger rankings, talk about poutine, and and discuss other tasty food. Lastly Nabil shares what he looks forward to most once we can all resume normal activities.

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